Friday 15 May 2009

Just a quicky.

No cards today as I am having a wee rest with my sore ankle. Thank goodness I had made my Daisy and Dandelion thing on Tuesday!
I tried to drive this am as it was a wee bit better but got to the middle of town and had to phone Morag (My Worry Woman) who I was going to see to come and pick me up. Ouch it was throbbing when I got home. So just resting it again and paracetamol this pm.
Hope you all have a great Friday. Rain on here. Hope it clears up for tomorrow as Jake is doing a sponsored walk for his Boys Brigade.


Jill said...

aww Hazel, hope you arm is feeling better soon, take care hugs Jill xx

Pamela said...

Ouch Hazel! Hope the ankle heals soon. Pleased to hear Morag came to rescue you.
Hugs Pamela

Lorraine Robertson said...

Oh sweetie so sorry to hear you are in pain at the moment & sure hope it eases up soon for you...

Good excuse though to sit back with your feet

Lorraine xxx

Ginny said...

LOVE the peacock, feel better soon

thanks for joining us at FF this week :0)