Friday 13 March 2009

Friday Morning Disaster!

Ok Ok I have been singing her praises but now want to sell my little bitty pussy cat!!!!!!
I was going to get on with some challenges and orders for cards this morning once I had done some HXXXXXork. I was in my room and thought I could smell something unpleasant.
Jess has wee wee'd all over a 3 drawer cardboard storage thingy. My stamps, acrylic blocks and ink pads are all covered in wee. 1 stamp in particular got it and it was a wooden one! To top it all I had put stuff on the top of it. 2 ATC's a card bookmark and some blog candy things IO was in the middle of making. SO its all in the bin. Grrrr Now I need to start again. She could have just told me she didn't like the stuff!! Every one's a critic LOLOLOL
Haven't got any cards done and I am way behind with the houXXXXrk.
On a positive note, Jake has now made £200.00 from his haircut for Comic Relief. Gosh he looks so grown up.
Talk soon once I am more up to date with things!!! LOL


coldwaters2 said...

Oh Hazel I know I shouldn't laugh especially when its craft stuff but I have had a giggle. You do know its Friday 13th today don't you....not that Im
Hope it all turns out well and you manage to catch up I know what its like being all behind.
I have just made myself a milky cooffe and it all boiled over then I was watering a plant that is hung from the ceiling and the hook came out and the palnt broke off in several places and it was doing so well.
Thinking of you
Lorraine x

pinky said...

OMG I would crack up it that happened to me!!! Will I make you a NEW HOME NEEDED sign lol. Its a pity your stuff was ruined.

Lindsay Mason said...

Oh crikey Hazel! Don't you just love the little darlings? She had better keep out of your way for a day or two...but you will forgive her very quickly I bet. As you say, everyone is a critic! Lindsay x

craft mad Jenny said...

ah, poor little pussy cat!! I'm sure she didn't do it deliberately!!

well done on the comic relief fund raising,

I'm getting your Stampin' up pack and also the blog candy ready to send (sorry, it's a bit rushed) - will hopefully get it in the post today, let me know when you get it,


Lorraine A said...

how did I miss this post !!! my neighbour came and was telling me all the itty bitty details of her gynae op so will blame it on her !!!! :-/
don't the cats drive yer mad !! but then they come all purring n lovely n melt ya heart !! ha ha crafty little sods
did you throw your stamp out ?? You could've removed it from the wood n cleaned it !!
off t walk jessie, she s going mad now !!