Thursday 12 March 2009

The Big Haircut.

Before the Big Trim!!!

Just beginning,
A little bit more!!

No going back now!!!

The finished result!!!

Well Done Jake .
Well the deed has been done and as you can see Jake has definitely done something for Comic Relief!

So far he has raised £83.00 on line and £50.00 through family and friends. So well done to him. I think you will agree that he is a very handsome young man now with his hair. Poor boy though really looks like me!!!

THANK YOU to all who have sponsored him. There is still time to do it. Go to
Hazel xox


Pamela said...

Good lad Jake and what an improvement the new hair cut is!! You should be well proud of yourself for thinking of people less fortunate than yourself.

Huge hugs Jake.

Lorraine A said...

oohh what a handsome boy !! we can see your face now Jake :-)
the link i got on facebook was good hazel :-) I was gonna pop a cheque in the post along with yer blog candy :-)
Well done Jake the whole of blogland is proud of you, you did a wonderful thing today :-)
Lorraine x x x

Jill said...

aww Hazel he looks so handsome and suits his hair like this well Done Jake you're a star!!! hugs Jill x

coldwaters2 said...

Well done Jake and you are such a handsome lad you should keep your hair like that it really does suit you. Hazel he does have your good looks

Lorraine x

Cazz said...

Oh my goodness - what a huge difference and it looks so so good xx

Well done Jake - I am really proud of you xxxxxxx

Jo Austin said...

what a handsome young lad.. he looks so much better with his hair short.Well done for doing this!

It also makes him look so grown up!

Lindsay Mason said...

Wow look so grown up and handsome with your hair short. It really suits you and well done for taking such a big step. Bet your mum is really proud of you. Lindsay x

craft mad Jenny said...

WOW - what a difference a haircut makes!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Jake, the girls are in for a treat when you go back to school!!!

Sue said...

Well done Jake,what a great thing to do. I think ya look gorgeous with ya hair cut, you will have all the girls chasing you now, well done, luv sue.x