Saturday 7 February 2009

2 Awards, Thank You so much.

Wow I feel very loved today as I have received 2 blog awards. The first one is from Cazz over at the Cazz Bar Thank You Cazz. You are a Star. I have to give this to 5 Peeps so here we go.
1. Lorraine at the Crafty Coo
2. Lorraine at Lorraine's Loft
4. Mrs Wonka (Get Well Soon)
The second award has come all the way from Shetland from Beryl. Thank You.
It doesn't say if you are supposed to hand this to others so just take which one you prefer.
As some of you know I have had a bit of a bad week with Jake and myself but hopefully we are going to get some more help with our respective thingys!!! (Jake ADHD and Me Mad!!! LOL) So I am trying to be positive and keep going,although sometimes I could crawl under the duvet and hide. But can't we all at times!!! Take Care All
Hazel xox


Fab said...

Thanks Hazel for the award I will wear it with pride ! X Fab

Lindsay Mason said...

Thanks so much Hazel - my first blog award! I can't post on my blog just now, but will do so asap! Thanks agai, Lindsay x

Cazz said...

You're not mad you daft bat LOLOLOLOL You'll find a way to get you through, and so will jake xxx

Lorraine A said...

Hi Hazel, thanks for this :-) I have promised to catch up with forwarding the awards so i'll do it today, the prob is I think most people have em already !!
off to blog hop before I start cookin lunch ,,,,,

Pamela said...

Hi Hazel,

Well done on getting so many awards. You deserve them as your blog and cards are great.
Please don't call yourself mad. You have a recognised problem with your health and I hope with all my heart that you can over come it someday (soon.
Hugs Pamela