Monday 7 July 2014

Who Needs the Gym...#blogboost

Hi Everyone

So no cards or crafty creations from me today (the next 2 days there are though!!!) 

Ive been a busy bee out in the garden today.

Ive done the job I hate to do a couple of times a year, Yes its hedge cutting time!!! Its not so much the  electric hedge trimmers in my hands that worries me but the tidying up after. Although I do admit I did cut the TV aerial one year while getting carried away cutting!!!! Ooops!!! 

I do love being out in the garden and nothing can beat the first boiling of new potatoes right out of the garden. ( Had mine today too and lots more to come in the following weeks!!!) 

Im sure you dont need to go to the gym when you are busy with all the digging, weeding and planting over the year. Todays hot face and aching body says it agrees!!! 

I found this on the Weigh Watchers site and hurray  extra chocolate  oops sorry no Gym for me!!!!
Watering the lawn or gardenSitting, knitting or sewing
Walking, applying fertilizer to a lawn or seeding a lawnWalking while shopping
Trimming shrubs or trees with a power cutterWalking at a moderate pace
Raking; planting seeds and shrubsLeisurely bicycling
Weeding; cultivating; trimming shrubs and treesHeavy cleaning; golf
Carrying, stacking and hauling branchesPlaying softball or baseball
Shoveling snow; mowing the lawn with a hand mowerAerobics or swimming
So thats it for me today, Just a few wee witterings, Thanks for dropping by! and Remember as A A Milne says......
Love Hazel xx

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Cynthia Djengue said...

Nice wittering. I really would love a garden. Someday we might all need them.