Thursday 31 March 2011

Marbles Mutterings...........

 Hello Its Meeeeeeeee!!! Im back with some important information for you Crafty Peeps. You have to eat your greens!!!!! Here is me with my broccoli. Yummy, the small peeps in Hazeys House call it little trees. 
Well what crafty things have you been doing this week?? I have been busy playing in my train lots but no crafting. The Hazely has been hogging the craft desk.  Mmmm Gonna get cross with her for that!!!

Look at the Fluffy thing looking thinking mmmm Marble has some scrummy food. Or is she thinking Marble is some scrummy food.  

 Ahh I emptied the bowl before she could get any!
When I got out one night I ate some of Jess's food and it was very good, she hasn't forgiven me yet!
I also took some beads of the Didos peep but she took them back. I had lots that night. Now they have made my cage too difficult to break out of. Its cause the Big Peep knows I will pinch her  craft stash!!!!

Well I am off back to sleep now but if you want to see some more of my Crafty Friends then pop over to Crafting Buddies.
Loves of Squeaks


Anonymous said...

aww Marble you're the cutest. xoxo

Joanne said...

Glad you ate up Marbles 'cos that Jess was after your dinner. Hope you get to craft next week. See you then.

ElizabethR said...

LOL that looks just like what I'm having for my tea xxx Oscar dog loves the little green tree's as well!! Give him a piece of fish with it and he's one happy chappy (still thinks he's a cat!). Hugs Elizabeth xxx

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

such a cute Hamster and gorgeous cat, we used to have a hamster Harry and a ginger cat Benny that cased him. Only 2 dogs now. janex

Pami said...

Love it!!! P x :-)