Thursday 29 October 2009

Stressed, Who ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick email while I am over at Alans house since I don't have a land line or computer at the other one.
As you know Alan and I were separating and the date for leaving was to be 16 Nov, so on Thursday the Housing Officer from our Local Council came round to assess me. I was then told I would have to move to temp "Homeless" accommodation then or nothing at all as they could not guarantee me any on the above date. So I had to move over the weekend!! So to take an agoraphobic totally out of her safe place has been very hard (Did think I was gonna get locked up on Sunday!!!LOL) and also the kids are just so unsettled by it all. Also I feel really stigmatised by the homeless thing as I feel really saddened that here I am homeless while he has a house his home comforts!! Its a bit galling but I am just gonna have to live with it!
I am looking into getting with the 21st Century and getting a Dongle as the house I am in I am not allowed a landline so am really missing the contact I have through the internet. It keeps me going. I am over here today to move my crafty bits over so hope to be playing with them again soon!! Any ATC's being sent to me will still arrive as Alan is my Postman now as he brings it over in the morning, lets hope he doesn't go on strike!LOL

Love and Huggys Hazel xoxox
Miss You All loads


Jackie said...

I am really sorry to hear of your separation and your situation with housing Hazel, I am praying that things will be on the up again for you soon. Take Care and keep thinking positive for you and your boys x

Joanne said...

Keep your chin up Hazel, after all, this is not the worse thing that could happen. Losing your craft scissors and glue would be worse!!!
Luv Joanne xxxx

jackiescrafts said...

Missing you too Hazel hun
You take care and do what is right for you and the boys

Loads of hugs
Jackie x

Carol Ann said...

Miss you too Hazel I hope you get connected up really soon. Take care. Carol Ann xx

Clare Brown said...

Hi Hazel really sorry to hear you and Alan splitting up.Wishing you find your new home soon and you all manage to settle in nicely.
My best friend split up with her husband last week we are all in total shock including her.It's a very upsetting time for us all.

Take care
Sending you big hugs
Clare xx loving your facebook xx

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Hazel, sending you some hugs as it's hard enough going through something like this but when it involves children it can be so much harder. Take each day as it comes and hopefully it will soon get easier for you.

The lovely Lindsay Mason passed an award onto me. I have to pass it onto five people and you are one of them. Please have a look at my blog so you can see the rules and what five facts I’ve put about me. I shall look forward to seeing what you put about yourself.

Here is the link to the post on my blog

Best wishes

Kym xxx

the crafty duck said...

Take care of yourself Hazel and the boys, hope you get your situation sorted out soon, hugs Steph

Anonymous said...

Take care Blossom.
Hang in there..
We are all thinking of you...
Hugs Angel

Wellnifty said...

Hi Hazel, just catching up on blogging, my heart to goes to you and your children, sending hugs, take care

Chris xx