Tuesday 13 October 2009

No Card Today :-(((

Just thought I would give you a wee update on how my Granny is.
The bigger dose of antibiotics has kicked in and her leg is not as red or swollen. She is still finding it really hard to weight bear on it but feels it is a bitty better. She is eating again and thinks she will be fine by the weekend! I know she is not well though as she postponed the hairdressers this am and she always goes there!!! Thanks so much for all your kind words about her! You are all so wonderful.
I am not posting any cards today as the boys have taken the camera to Glasgow to the Doctor Who Exhibition. I have peace for the day so that's nice. I am off to complete(I hope) my project for Moving Along With the Times this week. So that will take up a big part of the day.
Also going to think about starting to pack things up for my big move!!!! I really don't want to think about it but it is about 5 weeks now so just have to be brave and not get upset. Its such a hard time for both of us and the boys but I'm sure we will get there, just wish I knew where I was going too as I hate not knowing!
Anyway enough moaning
Have a fabby Tuesday All


Lindsay Mason said...

Sending you and your Gran my best wishes and a hug Hazel. Lindsay x x

Beryl K said...

Hi Hazel,
Sorry not been around much lately myself. I hope your Granny improves very soon. I hope the move goes smoothly
Beryl x