Sunday 13 September 2009

Tilda and Friends Shrink Em!

Shrink Em!

This week the theme was to shrink something on Tilda and Friends ATC challenge. Well I had made this ATC for a swap which I host over on Magical Crafts Forum and thought it would be just the job for the challenge! Our theme this month was Magic. Pop over via the link on my sidebar to find out more!!!



Shrink Plastic

Magic Dust Stamp

Background was watercolour paints mixed and sprinkled with glitter when wet.

Peel Offs from Stash

Hope you like it.

Sorry for the lack of blogging but there are a few issues at home just now (again) So I need to focus on them more than making cards and stuff. :-(((

Poor Jake is having big problems at school and was assaulted on Wednesday so has a black eye. Its so hard for him to fit in as he is different with his ADHD but it seems so unfair that other kids separate him out,and hurt him. As a Mum I am finding it so hard as he is my baby. Between that and the marital breakdown things are very stressful so please bear with me.

Love from Hazelxoxox


jackiescrafts said...

Love your ATC hope things improve soon for you and your son

hugs Jackie x

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Hazel, what a lovely ATC. Kids can be so cruel especially when someone is different ie wears glasses, has a hearing aid, in a wheelchair or with other issues like autism, learning difficulties, ADHD or simply that English isnn't their first language. I can't remember kids being like this when I was at school. I hope Jake doesn't get to the stage where he doesn't want to go to school as that would be awful. I hope the school is being supportive. Maybe he could be made to stay near the teachers at break times etc as this is what we had to have happen when my eldest son was being picked on for wearing glasses. I've obviously missed something about your marital situation and I apologise for that. I haven't been too well lately but contact me if you need to have a natter. Hope to see you back and blogging regularly when things have settled but in the meantime I'm sending you some gentle hugs for you and Jake. best wishes, Kym xxx

Crafting Queen said...

Hi Hazel, lovely ATC. Sorry you are having so many problems at the moment. Hope that you can get help with Jake's situation at school.
Thanks for taking part in the Tilda ATC challenge. Anesha :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Great ATC hun, definatley magic...
Hope Jake can settle down now the bully is out of the way, good luck
with that Hazel..
Thanks for playing...
Hugs Angel

Lorraine A said...

Gorgeous ATC Hazel,,, it IS truly 'MAGICAL' very Harry Potter :-)

Am sorry jake is having this trouble ,, I remember being bullied at school,, terrible experience ,, I do hope the school are taking this seriously and dealing with the bullies !!
Hope things are OK for you,, I can imagine how dificult it must be for you at the moment,, if you nead an ear I am listening me darlin x x x

Lols x x x