Saturday 25 July 2009

No Card but a Cheeky Bird

I am busy today with the preparation of the Ruby Wedding Party tonight, so no time for card making. I just thought I would show you a picture of a cheeky Gull we saw yesterday.
I took the boys for a drive in the car as I can't do much but needed to get out of the house as this agoraphobia is driving me stir crazy and I feel trapped at home. Just went down to the local park and saw them setting up for a fun day today. I took this picture on my mobile phone but couldn't get it onto the computer, so I sent it to Cazz my friend and she then emailed it back to me. (Thanks Babe you are an Angel xoxox)
I think he is saying Hee hee I am now a endangered species so you can't cull me anymore. The Herring Gull was announced to be protected this week as they are endangered but I really can't see why as we have a huge issue with then in Arbroath. They are real scavengers and even last week Tom and I had to come into the house as 1 was looking for a fight with us over a packet of crisps in the back garden.
Anyway off to get on with the day, will post pictures of the party tomorrow, Have a great Saturday, Love Hazelxox
P.S look at the sky it was away to pour with rain and the skyline was an amazing colour.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Hazel glad you managed to get out of the house!! the bird pic is fab xx jo xx

Beryl K said...

Great pic Hazel, I hope the party goes well tonight. Have fun and good wishes to your Mum and Dad
Beryl x

Lindsay Mason said...

Hi Hazel, hope the party was a great success - bet mum & dad loved your card. Love the seagull pic. Lindsay x