Monday 23 February 2009

Toms Room.

Well here is the finished bedroom with Tom on his new bed. This was his friends bed but he is moving so we got it. As you can see his room is tiny as it was a box room but has been enlarged a bit but not much!!! So the bed is about all we can get into it. It took us most of yesterday to work out how to arrange it all. It has been really spring cleaned as we sorted out all his drawers and books etc. Can you tell him and his Daddy love Doctor Who!!!!
Next is my craft stuff some of which has got a new home. I got a chest of drawers from Angie too so that is coming in handy, I didn't realise how much stuff I have. Oops.
Well off now to continue, hope the card making can be resumed tomorrow in a tidy area!!!.
Take Care Hazelxox

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Lorraine A said...

well Tom looks happy on his new bed :-)
Lorraine x