Monday 2 February 2009

Feeling Yucky!

Sorry All, haven't really been around much the last few days as feeling really horrible. It started on Thursday night and just got worse and worse. I was sick and had the flu and my lady things all in one. Still feel like I have a stinky cold but the headache is now a bit better. I keep coughing now which is a bitty sore but on the mend. Missed all the weekend challenges and still not really feeling up to making cards (so must be ill!!!)
We don't have any snow here so I am about to do a Snow Dance as I would love some so we could make a snowman. It is very cold today though and it has blown through a few times,. I think it is because we are right on the coast that it always misses us. Salty air!!!
Well off to catch up on the housework. Oh joy, Have a great snowy day all, Hazel xox


Lindsay Mason said...

Oh Hazel - hope you feel much better soon. You have my sympathy! It is snowing quite heavily here now and woke up to a white fairyland - just tmake you jealous! Can you believe we have snow down here and you don't have any up there!!! Have a cup of cocoa on me! Lindsay x x x

Beryl K said...

So sorry to heare you're not feeling so good Hazel. I hope you start feeling better real soon. Stay in and keep warm if you can that is
Beryl x

Ali Watson said...

Sending you big hugs Hazel, take care and stay warm.

Lorraine A said...

Hope you re feeling a bit better now !! We don't have snow either :-) ha ha
mum just phoned she was out making a snowman today, she was 73 yesterday !!!!
sending virus killin vibes your way ha ha hope you re better soon,
will pop that ATC is the post for ya x x