Tuesday 27 January 2009

Thank You 2 Awards!!!!

Wow I feel so lucky as I have received 2 awards. Thank You to Lorraine at Lorraine's Loft http://loraquilina.blogspot.com/ for the top one and Ali over at Ali's Space http://alis-space.blogspot.com/ For the Kreativ Blogger one.

With the Kreativ Blogger one you have to List 7 of my favourite things
Pass the award on to 7 friends
So, the first challenge My favourite 7 things.

1. My Boys. (Well Most of the time!!)

2. Jess and Tai my Kitty Cats.

3. Crafting

4. Snow

5. Reading scary books. I am reading Dracula again just now!!!

6. My Car (Pug 206)

7. Chocolate!!!!

So who to give the Kreativ Blogger Award to?
Well I am going to be naughty and pass it onto whoever pops by my blog over the next couple of days. I have had so many awards lately that I have given them out to loads of people. It looks like a lot of you have these already .
Hazel xox

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