Tuesday 20 January 2009

Missing Mojo

OK who stole, it own up. My mojo has gone away, haven't really felt like crafting much since that flu bug last week. I have a couple of cards half done for challenges but with no mojo they are just sitting.
Hope you are all well and have yours. Mine might have gone to a big Mojo festival. ??!!?
Hope it comes back soon Hazel xoxo


Unknown said...

Hi Hazel, it happens to us all, my mojo is in overdrive at the moment, which is be bound to come to a grinding halt at some stage I suspect. I recieved your ATC today, it's gorgeous thank you hun. I have one here for you and will be popping it in the post for you tomorrow and I'll try to send you a little bit of mojo with it, if it'll stay in the envelope...lol. Joanne x

gillyflower said...

hi just dropping by found your blog on pink diamond
we seem to have quite a bit in common as i am stuck at home with chronic back problems and also have a child with and autistic spectrum disorder mine has asperger syndrome and yes we have had some really interesting moments ourselves great kids though well i say kid mine is 21 now but of course still at home and more like say 16/17 but he's getting there as now in mainstream college which i never thought we would see as he had to have special schooling from age 8 and special college until last year but has now made it to mainstream now and passed last years course and now on btec this year and coping well
dont know why i'm telling you all this i suppose just to say it does move on and get better with time and lots of hard work
your son will defintely benefit from having you at home with him as i was with my son perhaps things happen for a reason sometimes perhaps you were meant to be there for him
anyway great blog feel free to drop by
hope you soon find your mojo mine goes awol too but it's back again now
hope to pop by again soon
take care