Monday 17 November 2008

Monday Moaning!!

Well have had a horrible couple of days so not made much in the way of cards.
Yesterday was such a pants day and today has been spent sorting it out!!! Hoover broke and was smoking, Jake broke one of the rings on the hob and it shorted out the whole house,then the washing machine is not going round. To top it all had a huge panic attack (again!) Oh Joy.
Today my Fabby Dad has sorted the hoover, someone (not me) had hoovered up about 5 metres of acculon wire for making jewellery and it burnt the belt out. We also looked at the washing machine and think it needs a new motor so a man is coming tomorrow to see to it and fix it hopefully. It is 9 and is used everyday so not due me anything. Just going to have to live with 3 rings on the cooker for a bit as so skint cause Chrimbo coming up. Argh but never mind that's the 3 disasters done for a bit again!!!
Off to think about the Papertake Weekly Challenge and the Cupcake challenge. Lovely relaxing card making evening Hurray,have a good nite all, Hazel xox

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