Wednesday 19 November 2008

Leonies Auction.

Just passing on the word about an auction which will be run at the weekend by Leonie. Find her blog at Have copied what the Auction is for. It is in aid of the Princes Trust and she has been fundraising for some time. Good Luck!
Pass the Word.........
Charity Auction - the final fling!!Saturday running from 9am - 9pm to give everyone a fighting chance.The auction will be for photographs and card signed by (and of) Dawn Bibby, JJ, myself, Catherine Huntley, Anna Griffin, Amy Shaw, Rosemary and Nigel Merry, Donna Dewberry, Carol Smith, Kirsty Wiseman and last (but absolutely by no means least) our lovely Clare Curd. Phew. Now Rosemary and Nigel did scarper before I managed to grab them to sign the card, but I have got photo's of them (not running out of the building!!).I will be asking people to place their bid on my blog - so you will be able to see them as they are posted, and know what you are up against! All you need to do is leave a comment in the normal way, with your bid. Keep checking the comments to see if you are winning. Sounds easy - fingers crossed it goes as smooth as it sounds, gulp.

Bye for now Hazel xox

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