Friday 21 November 2008

Friday Brrr It's Cold!!!

Brrr its really cold here today, snow is forecast but will probably miss us since we are right on the coast!!!!!
Just want to say Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments you have been leaving about my cards,I try to look at your blogs too but this week am quite busy with Tom as he has a horrible cold. Keeps coming up to me with a runny nose saying I got a boggie!!!!. The joys of being a Mummy!!! He has been off nursery since Wednesday and keep thinking it will go away but seems worse. Jake now has it too so I will probably have it by the time the weekend is out!!! LOL .
Well that's all for now just waiting for the Stamp Something Challenge to come up as Tom watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (again) He loves Dobby the Elf!! Have a nice weekend all and build loads of Snow folk if you get the snow.
Luv Hazel xo

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