Monday 29 September 2008

Monday Mornings

Well its Monday again and the panic is still bothering me so I phone the GP to see what can be done. Then someone calls back and tells me I have to start meds for raised BP????? Had a 24 hour BP thing done a couple of months back and was told it was ok. Now having spoken to the Consultant in Ninewells it seems to be verging on the high end of normal so I have to start beta-blockers. Hope to heck this help to stop the panic as its doing my nut in just now. Should have some effect as it stops the surge of adrenaline and that's what is making me anxious. Also 2 kids and a husband and 2 cats and no money. LOL !!!!! So here we are waiting for life to get less stressed. Am going to do a challenger for Papertakeweekly so will post that once its done. Hazel xox

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PixieHouse Creations said...

hope the beta blockewrs help you and you start to feel loads better soon hun
i used to get anxiety attacks..nasty!!
Wendy xx