Sunday 18 December 2011

Happy "Hiccup" Christmas.

Just a quick post to let Hiccup say Hello.  She is my Fairy on the Christmas Tree. 
I have had her for about 20 years and this year she has finally received her name.  
Why Hiccup I hear you ask, well about 3 if not more times each day she does a wee hiccup and falls off her perch!!
Here she is on top of the tree. I only have my wee one up this year, thought a 7 month old Jack Russell and a real tree in the same room would be a disaster!!!!

Hope you enjoyed meeting my wee Hiccup!!!


Janice said...

No Hazel, a 7 month old Jack Russell and a real tree would be a hoot - you're such a spoil sport! Mind you, for hiccup's safety you've probably made the right decision, Merry Christmas, Jx

Lisa Jane said...

oh its a cutie lol... it might be small.. but its so pretty
Lisa x

Sue B said...

Aww your tree and Hiccup are SO sweet Hazel !! I love the blue lights and those gorgeous stardust baubles!! I can just imagine her hiccupping off the tree, bless her.
I think you are right, puppy + big tree = trouble !!! LOL
Hope you had a great day!
Hugs Sue xx