Wednesday 18 March 2009

Sneeky Peak!!!

Just though I would give you a sneeky peak at the Ring Cushion I am in the middle of making. Hope Alasdair and Veronica like it. The cream stitching on the cream aida is a nightmare as I need to do that bit in daylight so it is easier on the eyes. Nearly made a big cock up though with the names as almost spelt Alasdair wrong when I was writing it out for the personalisation. Now the pressure is on as its a week on Friday that is the big day so would like it finished by the weekend. SO don't think I will be doing all the challenges I usually do.

Tom has even more spots this morning!! I didn't think he could get any more but they are right down his legs now. He is so miserable and down. Just not like him. So we are having cuddly day, I am tired too as was up through the night with him. (Again) Just feel so sorry for him as he is such a happy wee lad and you can see he is really sad.

Well off to get on with the day. Hope you have a good one, the sun is shining here and it looks great out. Might sit out the back for a bit.



Fab said...

Hi Hazel, thank you for the lovely comment. I'm getting so much encouragement from your comment and all the other people at CraftTelly. I know I can make it, I left a comment on Leonie's to see if she's going to be there. I've never done cross stitching but I know I might attempt later on when and if, shock horror, I get bored with paper crafting ! LOL X Fab

pinky said...

Looks like its going to be stunning, I'm sure they will love it. Poor wee man, hopefully that will be the last of the spots.

Beryl K said...

That is going to be so beautiful when finished Hazel. I know what you mean about cream on cream. Hope Tom soon feels better
Beryl x

coldwaters2 said...

Oh my goodness Hazel it looks like its going to be a treasure. I am in great awe of people like you who have so many talents. Give the little man a cuddle from me.

Lorraine x