Saturday 22 June 2024

Ive been Busy!!!

  Hi Everyone,

I have been a very busy bunny in the craft room the last couple of months!!! I had a big birthday at the end of May so decided that I would like a craft room that all matched and not one with bits from here and there for it. 

Ive  crafted for 20 years. It started with the dressing table in the bedroom. Then a corner of the living room once we moved here. Then once my eldest moved out I now have the little bedroom for all my crafty loveliness.

Here are a couple of my before and after pics. 
I had a mishap with the lampshade when I was cleaning it so now I need to get a new one. Hence just the bright daylight bulb in the top pic. 

The majority of the new things are from Ikea. I used Pinterest for lots of ideas and this is what I came up with. My palace theatre poster was a present from Tom last year. Its from a 1974 Doctor Who story.

I love it. Now I just need to get back to crafting more. I am about to make Dads birthday card this weekend. 

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the brighter days. I think we have had rain almost every day since last October. The garden is very green but it would be nice to see summer now, 

Love and Sparkles,

Hazel x


Dotty Jo said...

Looks great! I had a little upgrade with my Ikea unit and added some cupboards too. Enjoy, Jo x

meg said...

Looks brilliant Hazel,you have a place for everything

Crafting Queen said...

looks fantastic!!!