Friday 6 October 2017

My Beautiful Girl...

Hi Everyone,

Im writing this post to let you know that my beloved Messy Jessy (Fluffy Bum) has gained her Angels wings this week. She has been poorly for a couple of weeks but I had to make the heartbreaking decision on Wednesday to have her euthanized. 

She used to appear on my blog when I had Marble the hamster, they were quite the double act!!! 
She did like the craft desk and on occasion was the ultimate critic and would wee on my stash if she didnt like what I was making!!! !
She has left us with a huge gaping  hole in our home as we had her for 18 and a half years.  Our hearts would be totally broken but shes left pawprints all over them to keep them stuck together!!! (Just like when she sat on the drying glue and got a card stuck to her fluffy bum!!!) We have so many happy memories to cherish and look back on.  

Love and Sparkles,


Jess The Cat May 1999 to 4th October 2017 


Pamela said...

Oh Hazel I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. Our pets become part of our families and it hurts so much when we loose them. Two of my cats lived until 16 and 19 - such a long time to be part of our lives and then to not be there.
Special hugs to you all and remember Jessy will be waiting at the rainbow bridge for you.

Sandra H said...

Ooooh Hazel how sad l know what your feeling but think of the memeories she has left you with and 18yrs is a good age for a cat sending lots of love and keep that picture on your side of her on the stairs that's a gorgeous photo l admire it everytime l call at your blog xx

Marjorie DUMONTIER said...

I'm so so sorry for your loss ! Some people don't get how other people can have so much pain loosing a pet. I feel sad for them to ignore how much joy and love and laughters animals can offer. She was such a pretty cat and look like my very first one ! 18 years with you, she had a great loving life. She won't be replaced for sure but the would eventually ease with time and maybe a kitten in a few months... I'm sending you and your family my honest, deepest sympathy and thoughts to help going through this hard path. And I hope I didn't make to much English mistakes since I'm French. Love from France, Marjorie