Sunday 12 April 2015

Book Review....

Hi Everyone,

So this is totally different for me. No cards and colouring in but something a bit more difficult for Wee Me.  I was lucky enough to get a preview of my Lovely  and very clever to get Published Friend Lyns book The Inner Goddess Revolution so I could do a book review.  Now Im not usually a very good book reviewer so Ive embraced my Literary Inner Goddess to manage to do this fantastic book justice. 

The Inner Goddess Revolution is a book which will help you to Unlock your Inner Goddess by reconnecting with yourself  through the Divine and Magic.   The first page says it all really A Practical and Spiritual Guide for Women who want more from Life.

The book covers everything you can think of from First steps on the road to revolution to all the bumps that that road may have, and how to get  through them smoothly.  I loved the fact that throughout the book Lyn added personal anecdotes about herself and her family  on her road to embracing her Inner Goddess.   

Its not all about the reading however, you have to do some work and soul searching too to reconnect with your Inner Goddess. There are lots of practical things that Lyn suggests to help you through. 

Lyn writes from the Heart and this makes for a fresh easy read that makes you feel like shes in the room beside you just having a wee chat with a cuppa and some cake!!! 

I would highly recommend buying this book if you want to feel empowered and want to reconnect to yourself.  Thanks to Lyn for giving me the chance to be one of the first to read it and for sharing her writing journey with us all.  

Vive La Revolution,

Hazel xx


Wendy L said...

Sounds very interesting Hazel. xxxx

Sue B said...

Sounds wonderful Hazel... I might have to take a look at this later on :-))
Love Sue xx