Sunday 6 July 2014

Doric Spik...#blogboost

Fit Like eh day Loons and Quineys. Foo yeh dain?? 

No Ive not gone mad Im talking in Doric. Its a North East Scotland Dialect which I love. (My Granny was from up that way and she always spoke Doric to us) I was one of her wee quines!!! Think Lewis Grassic Gibbons Scots Quair with Sunset Song.  If you have time listen to these Guys and then you will know what Doric sounds like (Although Im not saying you will understand!!) They are Scotland the What. Sadly no longer with us but still so funny!!! 

I decided to make a few wee cards to put in my Etsy Store to sell using the Doric Dialect so here we have them. They are all really simple and I dont know if they will sell but Ive had great fun making them today!! I hope you like them too. 

This one means to Give it your Best Shot. 
 This one is Dont Worry Yourself. 
This one is How are you doing Lass. 
Lang May Yer Lum Reek means good Tidings for a Wealthy home. If you have enough money for coal to make your chimney smoke you are lucky.  
This one is Heard you were feeling under the weather.

I hope you have liked my wee set of cards. 

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures and what a lovely thing to honor your ancestors.

Anonymous said...

What lovely cards and what a lovely way to honor your ancestors!

Anonymous said...

Awesome cards to honor your ancestors!

Swathi Shenoy said...

I loved these cards Doric :)

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Hazel, just loves these cards, so colourful and lovely x

Janice said...

Afa bonnie, liket em ah, Jx

Anonymous said...

Great cards and what an awesome way to honor your ancestors!

Lisa said...

Being a true Scot and loving the different words we use, I enjoyed reading this although I do have to admit to not understanding the heading, sorry

Sue B said...

Oh Wow! these are so unique and wonderful Hazel… I love them all but especially love the last saying… peely wally… so brilliant!
I think it's great that you are keeping the dialect going… your granny would love that! :-)
Love Sue xx

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Awesome set of cards hun, love the Doric fab idea...
Hugs Shell xx