Monday 14 July 2014

Creative Blog hop.

WOW I have been asked by Clare to join in with the Creative Bloggers Hop. 

Its a continuous Hop Every Monday with a Host of Different Inspirational Bloggers taking part each week .  I was stunned to be asked but said yes straight away!!! 

Ive known Clare for a good while now Via Blogland and Facebook, Shes a running, designing, crafting Mummy marvel. I dont know where she finds the time or energy to fit it all in!!!! 

Ive also got her lined up to Sponsor my challenge MAWTT this week!!! 

So onto the questions.

1. What am I working on?

Im making a Easel Style
Wedding card for one of my friends. She wanted something personalised and very soppy so Im doing it in wedding colours with the Bride and Grooms name and wedding date on it. 

Im also trying to get lots of Christams Cards done so I can sell then at an open house Day in October!!! I cant manage to do a Craft Fair. Too many people for me so I thought I could have frienjds and family come to me. Mind you with the lovely Weather over the last few weeks Christmas Cards are far from my mind!!! 

2.How does my work differ from others in my genre?
Im not sure I differ too much from other folks who also craft. I do like to spend hours on my colouring and I hope that it shows in my creations!!! Shame I dont want to spend hours tidying up after myself once Ive made my crafty mess though!!!! 

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
I create because its my getaway from all my worries!!!  I have Generalsied Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia so when Im in the crafty area its the only time the anxiety seems to go away. Give me a pen and all day everyday to create and I may be cured!!(Mind you I would need a housekeeper to look after the house and a Chef too!!!!) 

4. How does your writing/creative process work?
With my creations I usually start with a theme. I like to follow blog challenges so that helps. Then I pick my image and colour it then think oops I should  have picked papers first!!( I do this every card!!!)I then make my card up and add whatever I feel it needs. Ive been a lot more focused on my card placement since I did a course about 6 months ago about Clean and Simple cards. Its really made me think where does this go and will the card look too top heavy or just right. 

Now onto the 3 Wonderful Bloggers I picked to Join the Fun.


I have known Pami for a few years now and I love her colouring, Shes doing the same course as me over at Kit and Klowder and WOW Is all I can say Shes rocking the course!!! Her colouring is out of this world!!!


Susan is behind me in the queue for a ride in David Tenants Tardis!!!! (with DT of course)!! I admired Susans cards for a while before she started on the Team with me at MAWTT. 

I found Lyn a few years back out in the Blogosphere while doing a blog hop. Lyn is a writer not a cardmaker and has become a great friend over the last 2 and a bit years!! 

Well thats me done I hope you have enjoyed my Creative Blog Hop and its let you know a wee bit more about me. 
Thanks for dropping by today,

Love Hazelxx

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Pami said...

Hi Hazel, thanks for passing the hop onto me, I must think of my answers for next week! It was interesting to read about your thought process. And thank you for the lovely words! Have a lovely day. P x