Friday 14 September 2012

Not a Card....

Today there was a sight you don't normally see on the beach on the East Coast of Scotland. A Whale had become beached and sadly died. 
It was a huge sight and would have been wonderful if it was out in the sea. What a shame. 
Its seemingly 12.35 metres long and 7 tonnes. 
I just cant comprehend how something so huge could swim so amazingly at sea.
Tom thought it was boring so we went for a walk along the beach. Love this picture, the colours are amazing

 Belle thought she would have a sniff of it. 
There is more about it  in the Local Press . 
Video of it HERE.
I know it wasnt a crafty card post,  hope everyone is well sending big hugs to all who need them xxx
(EDITED Its a Sei Whale and is Female but not fully matured) Poor Thing.

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Anonymous said...

big hugs to you liked the photos

Sandra H said...

Your right Hazel Photo's of the sea are beautiful and a proper shame about the Wales it does make you wonder why they swim so close to the edge, thanks for sharing this, xx

Claire said...

This is such a shame Hazel. Hugs, Claire x

Love crafts forever said...

Oh such a sad story.
Hugs Nat

Sue said...

WOW what an amazing creature, poor thing.
Your photo of Tom walking along the beach is stunning, I love the wonderful colours of the sky and sea.

I hope you have a good weekend

Tracey T said...

Such a lovely picture of the wee one walking along the beach. So sad about the whale, though. We had one beached on the sandbank opposite us a couple of years ago - just a baby - and it sadly died. Apparently it must have become separated from its mother and swam up the Solway into the estuary here in Newton Stewart. It took HOURS for anyone to get here to deal with it; the local vet did her best but couldn't do much as "officials" had to come from somewhere further north. Poor thing's chances were probably slim anyway, but would have been better if the vet had been allowed to either try to float it or put it down. Such a shame but they are an amazing sight, aren't they? xx

Sue said...

Poor thing,such a shame to end up like this.
Hugs Sue

Sue B said...

Aww no!! that's so sad Hazel… I hate seeing beached whales or seals… I cried all the way through Free Willy!!!
The sky and sea look stunning in the photo… how wonderful that you can go walking there every day… must be so lovely…
Hope you are getting over your cold hun!
Have a good weekend
Big Hugs
Sue xx

Mau xx said...

What a sight Hazel, Something amazing for Tom to see,but such a shame when they swim in land like that. We had one on our beach and more often than not they can't be saved :(
Hugs Mau xx