Wednesday 25 January 2012

Happy Birthday Rabbie.

Its Our Bards Birthday today so Happy Birthday Robert Burns.

(25.01.1759 to 21.07.1796)

Heres a wee exert form one of my Favourite Burns poems.

Tam O' Shanter

When chapmen billies leave the street,
And drouthy neibors, neibors meet,
As market days are wearing late,
An' folk begin to tak the gate;
While we sit bousing at the nappy,
And getting fou and unco happy,
We think na on the lang Scots miles,
The mosses, waters, slaps, and styles,
That lie between us and our hame,
Where sits our sulky sullen dame.
Gathering her brows like gathering storm,
Nursing her wrath to keep it warm.

And with its Translation to English

When the peddler people leave the streets,
And thirsty neighbours, neighbours meet; 
As market days are wearing late,
And folk begin to take the road home, 
While we sit boozing strong ale,
And getting drunk and very happy,
We don’t think of the long Scots miles, 
The marshes, waters, steps and stiles, 
That lie between us and our home,
Where sits our sulky, sullen dame (wife),
Gathering her brows like a gathering storm, 
Nursing her wrath, to keep it warm.

Enjoy Burns Day xxx


Sue said...

Thanks for that Haze, a very happy Burns day to you and yours, loved your butterfly card, Happy Crafting, Sue xx

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

LOL when I speak to ya on the fone later, ya gonna have to say it to me like its ment to be said!
LOL Hugs shell xx

Unknown said...

A great reminder of the poet & wonderful poem. Thank you! With all the practice of listening to Ulster Scots from living here in Northern Ireland, I can't believe this Englishwoman actually understood most of that without the translation!!

lis-m said...

Hi Hazel,
just popped by to say hello... hope you are well..?
I will be raising a glass tonight... happy Burns day to you...
Hugs xxxx

Lisa Jane said...

Happy Burns day to you too... i thought of you whilst eating my Haggis, tatties and neaps
Lisa x

Sue B said...

Oh I love that poem Hazel!! We studied it at School and it's always stuck with me!!
Hope you had a good Burns Night!
Love Sue xx