Monday 30 January 2012

Crafting Buddy!!!!!

Well its not card making craft but it is painting!! 
Belle really wants Grandad to play outside with her and the ball but is sadly having to wait while he paints my kitchen!!!! 
I think in this one shes saying hurry up and get down before I pull you down!!!!

The kitchen is now finished so hopefully will take a few pics for you all soon to see the before and after!!

Before I go does anyone know anything about orbs??? In these pics there are a few and My Christmas Day pictures have loads on them.  Not sure if they are real or just dust???  

Pop Over to Crafting Buddies To see what Joanne is up too.


DesignerDiva said...

If I were your Dad I'd be worried Belle was gonna have me off!
I love work Hazel I could watch it all day!
Huggles xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh lol.. those pics are fab... our cat Coco loves to climb up ladders after us lol

I have some pics with Orbs.. taken at Halloween.. even spookier .. i like to think its a nice spirit. and not dust lol.. ( although in my house prob the latter is more likely!!)
Lisa x

Janice said...

What lovely pics, but I agree with Laurie, Belle is going to have him off those ladders if he takes much longer! Jx

Sue B said...

Aww I love the photo of Belle!! she wants to go up the ladder and help bless her!!
Ooh Orbs, well some people reckon they are ghosties. I've noticed them only since my camera went digital, so personally I think they pick up on specks of dirt.
I used to take a lot of photos in Cathedrals and old buildings - and would get hundreds of orbs!! so I guess they were either very dusty or very haunted !!! LOL
Look forward to seeing your kitchen!
Love Sue xxx