Monday 6 June 2011

Crafting Buddies.........

 Today I managed to catch Messy Jessy having a peruse over my very untidy crafty desk!!! She cannot be comfy sat there on the pile of papers!!!!
Marble is too busy playing in her wheel and sleeping to want to do her blog this week. Maybe next week (when the day hasn't been stolen!!!) 
Hee hee I got the cage today for when I get my puppy. (Few weeks yet but being organised!!!!) 
Jess had to inspect it and yes she thought it was ok. Not her cup of tea though so once she had posed then out she came. She was more interested in the cat nip that arrived as well. It makes her all mellow and she just wants to scent you when she has had it. Silly Kitty!!!
If you want to see other Crafting Buddies Pop Over to Joannes blog.
Love and Cuddles (And Purrs from My Fur Baby)


Pami said...

Hi Hazel, thanks for sharing your photos, I love seeing other cat photos! My Coco likes sitting on papers as well!! Pami x

Claire said...

LOL great pics and I can't believe you are getting a puppy! Look forward to seeing the pics when he / she arrives. Hugs, Claire x