Monday 11 April 2011

Marbles Mutterings...........

Its a Kitty take over this week.I didn't want my picture taken and the Big Hazely has no room on her desk for a wee Marble to craft. Mmm Jess is sleeping on it too so its not safe for Hamsters. 
Jess had a bit of an accident this morning. (Ha ha)  I really shouldn't laugh cause the kitty is squeaky now. I heard the Didos person saying she had fallen out of a tree. Nearly 3 metres she said. Thats quite far for a kitty and thank goodness I didn't climb it too and fall!!! Splat I would have went!
She lost her footing!! Poor Kitty I do feel sorry for her. What a place to sleep though!!! Doesnt look very comfy! 
Well I am off now. Might be back next week but dont know as the Hazely seems very excited this week cause some Mad person is visiting her next week so she might be busy. Something to do with Blog Buddies and Beaches.Well she said something about A Shell!
Bye For Now Love and Squeaks 
P. S oops for got to say pop over to Crafting Buddies to see more Crafty Pets!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna tell Shell you called her a beach!!!! Heh heh xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo