Monday 14 March 2011

Marbles Mutterings.......Hey Jess what ya doin???

Morning to All my other Crafty Pets out there.  I haven't really done much Crafting this week as the Didos Peep has been too busy with being ill.  I just kept away from them all with the buggy bug on the go!!! Thought I would show you a couple of pictures of the Fluffy Bum Kitty who lives with me. I laugh at her as they called her after a Cat on Telly on Postman Pat. She doesn't have a cool Original name like Me!!!
Mrs Fluffy Bum liked playing with paper the other day. The Big Jake Person was making spirals of paper and Jess was catching them Sadly they didn't give them to me after cause I could have cosied in to bed with them. They look like my bedding!

Here is me and Fluffy Bum posing, the Hazely Peep always holds Jessys collar. Not sure why something to do with me and dinner?????
Well that's all from me as you know now that it takes me a long time to run over the keys typing and I get tired.  If you want to catch up with some other Crafting Buddies pop over to the blog.
Love n Squeaks 
P. S I have pinched the Hazelys 1000 Post.  Haa haa haa haa!!!!!!!!!


Joanne said...

Hey there clever Marbles pinching your mum's 1,000th post. Make sure you keep your distance from Jess, I reckon she has her eye on you in more ways than one!!
Hugs from crafting buddies.xx

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Oh you Marbles make me laugh lots...can't wait to meet you only 4 weeks 5 days to go now!! You just make sure your looking after Hazely cus if ya don't you won't be getting any treats when we come!!!
Loves ya shell xx

Lindsay Mason said...

Hello Marbles, it looks like you are the one in charge there. Glad to see that Hazely is feeling better and good for you for keeping away from the bugs...and don't get toooo close to Jess will you?! Your typing is really good btw! Lindsay x x x

Pami said...

My favourite time of the week! I wouldnt trust that cat if I were you Marble!! P x Hope your mummy is feeling better.