Tuesday 9 November 2010

Blog Has Attitude!!!

Ohhh Look what Brenda gave to me!!!! I have now received it from Lorraine too. Thanks xx
Thanks so much. Now this Blog Award comes with something special. A $5.00 Gift Voucher from Digis With Attitude!
There are a few wee rules. I have to say 3 things that are different about me and also pass this on to 5 fellow Blog Peeps!

So here we go!!!

1. I am the only Daughter of a Seventh Son of a Seventh Son!
2.I lurve Rick Astley!!!! (hows that for a sad confession!!)
3. My all time favourite perfume is Lou Lou by Cacharel!

Onto the Blog Buddies I would like to pass this to.

Thanks again to Brenda for passing it on to me.


pinky said...

Thanks for the award Hazel, loved reading your news lol, promise I won't tell anyone though ;o)

Lisa Jane said...

HI hazel love your facts .. is aw Rick Astley at the peter Kay live in April and i love him too lol
Lisa ;)

Kazabing said...

Wow! Thanks so much for choosing little old me. I shall wear my award with pride! xx

Your blog is looking fantastic hunni!! x

Louise Emma said...

Congrats hun, I don't think your blog is the one with attitude...I think it's you!! Hehe... xxx