Monday 23 August 2010

A Wee Bloggy Award.

Ohhh Lookey at what Heidi gave me!!!! This fabby Blog award.Its for blogs who you love and they inspire you. Thanks Missus xx.
Now I have a few things I have to do with it now.

1 is give it to another 5 People and say why I am giving it to them.
2 Say three things I love.
3 Show you my favourite Picture.

So here we go on this wee rollercoaster of fun!!!!

Shell - Love her to bits, she is soooo funny and makes me cry laughing!! One of the Teamies on MAWTT. Thanks Babe xoxo
Brenda - A fellow Teamie on MAWTT. Love her style and passion for crafts x
Lisa - Another of my Teamies over at MAWTT. Always has the time to pop a comment on my blog to let me know she cares x
Kelli - My Bloggy Buddy from Over the Pond. Happy Birthday for yesterday again xxx
Kim - Kims cards always make me gasp and smile they are the most amazing things I have ever seen. Thanks for the inspiration x

Right 3 things I like

1. My Wee Peeps Jake and Tom they keep me going when I am down and make me laugh so much. Loves ya babies xx
2. My Wee House. I am getting so settled now in the house and am starting to feel like me again and its Brilliant.
3. Crafting of every sort. I am so passionate about my crafting (Mind U Mr Mojo is off on his hols this week). Can't say what my fav is as I just love it all.

Finally here is my Fav Picture. Its the Piccy thats on the Blog Header at the top.
Its My Grandads Honeysuckle in full bloom. We took this picture for him to see it when he was housebound when he had his cancer. He couldn't get up to the top of the garden to see it so thought It would be nice to bring it in to him. Still miss him loads. Nearly 2 years since he died now. :(
Well there you have it my award duty is done. Hope to be back soon with a card but as I say Mr Mojo is off on his hols. I'm sure he will be back soon though. I have been really busy and having issues at home the last few days so he goes and hides when I am stressed. (Don't blame him really!!! LOL Wish I could go with him!!) thanks again to Heidi for the award.


Lisa Jane said...

Awww thank you so much ... i am really lucky this week 4 awards .. i realise how many friends i have .
I will pass this on and as i have recieved it twice i think i can pass it on to 10 people don;t you!
Lisa ;)

Brenda Brown said...

Hazel, you are a real star, you work so hard with your blog and the MAWTT challenges, you really deserve the award. I am touched that you thought of me to pass it on to, thankyou so much. I am off to find my pic, like Lisa I have received it twice and feel so honoured.
Luv B xx

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Aweee thanks hunnie your a darling, I feel so honoured to have you as my friend you make me laugh when I'm feeling down & in pain one phone call from you & I forget for a while...
Loving your pic its simply gorgeous
hugs shell xx