Wednesday 28 July 2010

My Wee House!

Just thought I would show you what a busy bunch we have been sorting out the front garden!!! Both the house and garden were a total tip when I moved in and Mum, Dad Jake and a Decorator all worked their socks off inside the week before we moved in while I had huge panics!!! !LOL Now its summer though and the garden needed sorting out. The back garden is going to have to wait till next summer though as it is a big nightmare and I just don't know quite what to do with it.!

This is before. It was at the start of March

Today 28 July.

I now have a fabby wee border thanks to Jake. I also scrubbed the gas box as it was covered in yucky green stuff from years of neglect!!!

Still got loads to do to it as would like to have borders all round the grass but Rome wasn't built in a day. Just got my pansies today although My Uncle gave me the other ones and the Marigolds were from Granny. She grew them from seed.

Off now to relax as had a very stressful morning here.


Lisa Jane said...

wow - you have all worked hard - it looks beutiful now..well done to al of you!
Lisa :)

Andrea C said...

well done what a difference xx

sheena said...

wow well done - my pansies are dying off and I can't figure out why!! :(

pinky said...

Wow you have made a wonderful difference, I love it. well done.

thread-bare said...

Looks fab you want to send Jake down here when he's finished yours....teach my kids how to help out!!! xx Clare x

Joanne said...

Well done to all of you. I bet your backs are aching now. I haven't bothered this year with one thing and another. Shame 'cos I love my greenhouse and growing plants and veg. I have, however, grown 4 different varieties of sunflowers and the big ones are now a whopping 13' tall!!!
Luv Joanne xx

Anonymous said...

Wow you have been working hard! I need to remember to take pics of my garden and house too. I'm always going to work and forget to take my camera!! Your pansies will look amazing there, can't wait to see them! It looks sooo much better! xo

Brenda Brown said...

You have worked miracles, your garden looks absolutely gorgeous. Well done. B xxx