Friday 5 March 2010

New Degree Course!!!

LOL Mmm I am gonna start a new degree course in Avoidance. Today I have Avoided doing much in the way of packing!!! I just need the pressure to be on (Yeah I know its only 3 days till I get my keys but the van is booked for Thursday so loads of time!!!). So today I have tidied the bathrooms and made a card, tweeted, Went for a walk on the beach, spoke to Heidi on the phone. Did a wee drop of packing but not a lot.
This card is for my Aunty Fee and her Fiance Bill. I made a card for them when they got engaged on Christmas day, posted it to ........ 1 house number up from theirs and they never received it. The only reason I know about that one is cause I did the same with Fee's birthday card but luckily popped the postcode on the back so it arrived back here 2 days ago. Argh I was gutted as it was her 50th and I had posted it early so they could take it on their fabby cruise!!! So now using Wonderful Granny Post. i.e Give it to Gran to give to Fee when they next visit!
Any way
  • 5 x5 Card
  • Lindsay Mason Stamp
  • Holographic Embossing powder
  • Sentiment Stamp
Off now to make tea. Chunky chips and burgers tonight. (all homemade!!!)
Bet I am back tomorrow with more!!!LOL The joys of Avoidance!


pinky said...

When you get that degree make sure you share your knowledge with the rest of us lol. That card is just gorgeous, love the subtle bit of sparkle and the black image. Hope they get it.

Esme said...

Hi Hazel!

May I join your new degree course - I'm exactly the same when it comes to packing or things that should be done, but aren't quite urgent yet!!
Lovely card - hope it gets there via Granny mail!!

Esme xx

P.S I gave Foxy a big cuddle and he was very pleased to have a fan!!

The twins mum said...

Howdy Hazel! What a great card. Sounds like you got top marks in your new