Friday 20 November 2009

What a tube!!!!

Ok here is my tip for this week......... Don't drop your brand new 1 dahy old netbook and dongle on the laminate floor in your hall!!!!!! The dongle didn't survive but the netbook did. So here I am now with Dongle 3!! SO hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky with this one!!! What a total nighmare I am having.
Hey Ho as the song goes Things can only get better!!!!!!
I hope to have a card on soon as I am all ready to get making!!!!
Love Hazelxoxxo


jackiescrafts said...

Oh Hazel hope you have more luck with this dongle.
I'm looking forward to seeing your cards, glad you are managing to find a bit of time to craft
Hugs Jackie x

Anonymous said...

Whoops !!! Lol - you'll get there eventually - were you walking round while you were surfing?!! :o) - 3rd time lucky, fingers crossed for ya xx Shell

pinky said...

Ah Hazel, kick those demons out the door, get back to crafting and you'll be a new woman in no time. Nice to see you around again.

Joanne said...

These dongles have always been trouble. I survive with the old fashioned 'card in the slot' and aerial when we go away and that's hit and miss. Hubby has a notebook, laptop and dongle, so I could always use his if mine goes down I suppose. You keep at it and get those cards on. luv xxx
PS ATCs on their way this coming week. x

Beryl K said...

Poor you Hazel, things haven't be going well for you in a good while. I do hope that everthing manages to get better real quick
Beryl x

Nicki said...

Hope this means all your dongle woes are over once and for all Hazel! Nicki, xx