Thursday 3 September 2009

My Grandad.

James Jarrett 1920-2008
Its a year ago today since my Grandad died so I am not going to post any cards today. He was a lovely man and sadly was diagnosed with cancer last summer and was dead within 3 months. He was just 2 weeks off being 88. I took this picture of his honeysuckle for him as he came home from the hospital but was in his bed all the time and couldn't see his garden so thought this would cheer him up.
Granny wanted him to be at home for his final days and she coped for 2 months but it was 24 hour care and she is 78 so a lot of work for her. He went into a hospital for his last month which was very sad to see but they were brill with him.
We still miss him so much. His ashes are in the garden out at Granny's house so she gives him a swearing when things go wrong! LOL
Have a good Thursday All


Lindsay Mason said...

Thinking about you Hazel on this poignant day. Keep all the happy memories in your mind today. Take care, Lindsay x x

pinky said...

Hazel pluck the happiness from the air that your Grandad's angel is bringing to you. Hugs

Joey said...

Hi Hunny,

sending you huge hugs on this day.

Anonymous said...

Hazel. you know snuggly hugs are coming from me hun,
can ya feel the SQUEEZE.....
Hugs Angel

Unknown said...

((Big Hugs)Hazel, enjoy your memories of your grandad.

Joanne x