Saturday 13 June 2009

Allsorts Challenge. Tilly Update.

You had to have triangles on the card this week so with my Tea bag folding there are loads of triangle shapes on this one. Its my first attempt at tea bag folding and I found it really relaxing.
This is my Mums card for Dad on Fathers Day next week. The cat looks like Tilly so thought it was perfect.
  • A5 Card
  • Sharon Duncan's Quirky Creations CD

Now onto Tilly herself. Thanks for all the lovely thoughts and wishes for her. Poor wee kitty. She was really in a bad was when I went to visit last night. She had been sedated at the Vets and was quite sleepy. Also very scared and jumpy. The Vet hadn't stitched the bite wound on her back as there had been air in the wound and it would have broken down. She has a big shaved bit on her back and all her tummy is shaved also one of her legs. Her tummy is covered in huge scratches. We think it might have been a fox trying to eat her. We are really lucky she is still alive. Just needs loads of cuddles now to make her better. Don't think she will be going out again in a hurry!

Exciting announcement comiong soon, Enjoy your Saturday.



Jill said...

gorgeous card Hazel great Tea bag folding, aww poor Tilly, lets hope she recovers quickly hugS Jill xx

Jackie said...

Lovely card Hazel and how quick was that. Thanks for joining in the fun again this week.

Gro said...

Wow, you're quick. And, yes, I realy love it. Thanks for joining us at Allsorts this week.


Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Wow Hazel you must have had your skates on this morning.......
Your card is fab great job hun

Poor Tilly hope shea feeling better soon!

Emma xxx

Esme said...

Ooh Hazel I love this card!!
Great idea with the tea bag folding!!

Esme xx

Lorraine A said...

I only ever made one card using tea bag folding and it looked nothing like that !!! :-) Well done !! My effort went in the bin fairly quickly !! :-)
Beautiful card Hazel :-)
Hope Tilly is OK ,,,,

Lorraine x x
can t wait to hear your news !!!!

brenda said...

Wow, you were quick on this one Hazel and what a beautiful card and lovely colour choice. Thanks for joining us again at Allsorts.

Have a good weekend.

B x

brenda said...

Hazel, sorrt forgot to add, all the best for a quck recovery for Tilly. Have some ide what you've been through as one of our's has been missing for over a week and we think something similar may have happenend to her. It's the not knowing that's so difficult.

B x

Kazabing said...

((((((((hugs)))))))) for Tilly, poor wee mite. Your card will brighten everyone's spirits.

Sammie said...

Great card and folding. It looks highly impressive. Hope Tilly is feeling a little better today. As you say, you are lucky she is still alive! Are you sure it wasn't Audrey II who tried to eat her as plant food?
Sammie x

Lisa said...

Hi Hazel, Fab card! What a great idea for triangles.

Hope little Tilly is feeling better soon.

Lisa x

Zoechaos said...

Such a great card, adore the cat theme. Very sorry to hear about your Tilly but she is in good hands and will be back with you soon.

Kirsten...x said...

Great card Hazel super idea tea bag folding thanks for joining us this week hugs kirsten...x

Jules said...

Hi Hazel

A very clever and beautiful card. Well thought out.

Love it!!

Love Jules xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lovely card, just great for a cat lover.

I am so sorry about your kitty I hope she recovers quickly, and learns that being in doors is much safer.