Saturday 14 March 2009

Rainbow Ladys Challenge Blog Card

Over on Cynthias Challenge this week it is an Alphabet Challenge with the letter A being it.
Here is my Acceptance card which my Granny asked for, for a Wedding Reception at the end of April.
I don't know if I like it but when I took it out to Gran this morning she seemed to. She liked an ATC I had done and wanted the same paper. So I did it. I have written the Acceptance too but think it looks rubbish. Don't know. Sometimes I just loose the mojo a bit. Think it is too much clutter round the desk.
Right off to have some lunch then on with the cards as Mum ordered 2 as well so must do them. May incorporate them into a challenge or 2.


Faye said...

Lovely card, Hazel. I especially like the background paper. It looks like hand made.

AliMayes said...

I don't know what you're worried about - your writing is just fine and it's a lovely card.
Ali xx

Lorraine A said...

Beautiful card, lovely paper and the handwritten sentiment is perfect :-)

Ellen said...

if I could write like that... what a good idea to use acceptance . the card is great , nice natural paper