Sunday 8 February 2009

Sparkly Kitchen!!!

Well when I got up this morning I asked Alan to wash the kitchen floor today for me. So he took it upon himself to decide we needed a kitchen blitz. Well it has well been Kim and Aggied!!! The cupboards are clean inside and out,even the cleaning stuff one!!! The floor has been washed twice (second time by Jake who made it into a swimming pool but I sorted that Argh warped laminate!!!)
Alan then painted a wall in the kitchen which had been needing done for ages. Blooming heck I don't know what has come over him. He is usually too busy with his theatre. Mind you he did say he was meant to be writing a bit of his Panto so must have writers block. Long may it continue!!
So now that the kitchen is so clean he has gone out to get a Take away for tea as its too tidy to mess up. LOL I am going to start a diet tomorrow as I have been watching the Christmas day video and I look like a beached whale with a big Cruella De Ville streak of white in my hair. ARGH Must dye hair and eat better food.
More snow is forecast but no doubt it will miss us here in Arbroath, So off now to have a relaxed evening making some cards MIL has a birthday this week so being creative with her present.
Hazel xox


Jill said...

aww Hazel, you look fine hun, do you think you hubby would come over and clean my kitchen and paint my walls lol hugs Jill xx
ps enjoy the take away x

Ali Watson said...

Hope you enjoy your take-away Hazel. Loook forward to seeing your cards.