Saturday 28 February 2009

Quick Question?

Ok I admit it I am stupid. I can't seem to get a post to stay at the top. Help. How do I do it??? Sorry Hazelxo


Unknown said...

To get a "sticky" post you need to give it a date past today so if you want it to stay up until 2nd March you give it a date of 2nd March!HTH! Lol Lynn ♥

Net said...

Once posted you need to edit and then you can change the date. ;))

Unknown said...

Hi Hazel

I've been looking to see how to schedule posts and found this..

Blogger in Draft

There is a bit on the additioanl tips of how to keep a post to the top. Hope this has helped.

Joanne x

AliMayes said...

I think you can edit your post and change the date to whenever you want it to end. If you click on 'post options' down in the left hand corner when you're editing you can see the date you posted and I'm sure you can then change it.Mind you, I've not done it myself!
Ali xx

Ali Watson said...

hi Hazel publish the post as normal then go in and edit it as if you were going to schedule the post if its candy for the day it finishes and then publish post. HTH if not email me and i will talk you through step by step.

Lorraine A said...

when you post a card or you can go back to edit it , go on post options which is on botton left hand side click on that and a date box opens change the date to a date that you want the post to stay at the top until and it will just stay at the top until the date you set !! easy :-)
good luck !! :-)

coldwaters2 said...

Hazel I can help when you write a new post publish as normal but then go back into edit it when it opens at the bottom is 'post options' click on that and then change the date to the time you want it to stay at the top then publish and it will stay on top until it reaches the day you put in.

Lorraine x