Tuesday 27 January 2009

Diamond Wedding Cards.

What a challenge here. My Mums boss is a MSP and he sends 100th birthday cards and Diamond wedding cards to constituents. Mum had run out of Diamond wedding ones and asked me to make some more.
It is quite a challenge as they cannot be too romantic or slushy as they are from someone who does not know the couple but wants to send their good wishes!!! So here are the latest 4.
I like them although they are all quite basic. Mostly peel offs matted and layered. The sentiment was printer from the computer and matted up on the same card .
Poor Mum is having a bit of a time of it again, she had a tooth out the other week and got an infection, then yesterday was seeing stars and arcs in her left eye and had to get an emergency appt with the optician at the main hospital in the area as they thought her retina was detaching. It isn't but it could so she has to watch out for it happening again over the next few weeks. Gosh none of us have been right since Grandad died in September. Think it was all the running about we did when he was ill. It was so stressful. Don't ever want anyone to go through cancer again.
Hazel xox

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Beryl K said...

They are great cards Hazel, I am sorry to hear your mum is still experiencing problems - glad her retina wasn't detached.
Beryl x