Thursday 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas.

Argh was getting withdrawl symptomsso have had to come on for a bit and play.
Glad its all over now. Sorry to all who love it but today was mega stressful!!!!!
Went to Grans to put an ATC up in the garden as a memorial to Grandad. Its hard as its only 4 months ago we lost him. Then home to Chrimbo Lunch. Tom just wanted chocolate and Jake didn't like it. Bloomin heck it only took a day and a half to make it all. Next year I think I will invite myself somewhere else. Doctor Who was good though and Gavin and Stacey was absolutly fantastic last night. A 3rd series calls I hope. Sure Smithy and Nessa would have got it together if there had been another 5 mins in the episode. Well off to eat more turkey. Have a lovely night Hazel xoxox

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