Thursday 18 December 2008


Just popping by to say hello and that I am still alive! I have been busy getting organised for the festivities over the last couple of days.
Went out for tea last night, it was really nice the plate was full. Had a ham salad, Yummy. Nice to not have to make it myself. I managed to stay out for a couple of hours again so was well impressed with myself!!!
Nursery has finished today and school finishes tomorrow. Argh, then onto the shopping for food. All the online food shops are full up so will have to go out to get it , very challenging!! I have made a list and will go on Monday to buy it.
Going to watch Holby tonight and then Apparitions, then off to bed as crafty mojo is missing cause I am tired today.
Have a great evening, Hazel xox

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Lorraine A said...

Hi Hazel, Glad to hear you managed to go out yesterday , well done :-). Did you see Anesha's blog? I didn t know how to do it so i went on "you tube" and typed in split negative technique and a video showing how to do it was there.
Good luck with your shopping on Monday, will be thinking about you, i know it is a big challenge for you but am sure you ll be OK :-)