Sunday 21 December 2008

Busy Day.

Gosh I am so busy today but don't feel like I have done much. Do you ever get the feeling you are just going round in circles???? I have made 2 of the things I had to make and thought I would let you see them as I feel quite proud of them. Hope you like them too.

This one is for my Aunt and Uncle, they always bring the boys a gift so I feel like I should return the favour. I know its not much but its the thought that counts. I used Brenda Pinnick papers to make the card. Had to test one of the sweets and they are lovely. LOL

Then this is for Alan's niece, Emily is quite a girly girl so hope she likes this door hanger. I used my favourite stamp of the moment and coloured it in with my watercolour pencils. I added gems to the centre of the flowers and used stickers I have had for ages to do the name. You can't see it here but I have gone round it with a silver ink pad so the edges are coloured too.

Gosh this is meant to be the shortest day of the year but I feel like it is dragging. Can't go out with the boys as we might get blown away as the wind is very strong today. It is a shame as it is such a sunny day it would have been good to go down to the beach.

Hazel xox

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Jill said...

wow Hazel they are both gorgeous and very lovely gifts to give hugs Jill x