Monday 24 November 2008

Leonie Tagged Me!

Ok I have been tagged by Leonie. I have to write seven interesting facts about myself and pass the tag on to 7 people. I have had a browse and you will see my choosen ones under the exciting stuff about me. LOL
1. My middle name is Fiona.
2. The first single I ever got was I'm in the Mood for Dancing by The Nolan Sisters.
3 My fav food is the rump steak with peppercorns round it with new potatoes and onion rings from M and S you know the steak in the advert from ages ago. Advertising does work!!!
4. I have been to see Cliff Richard in concert a few times, (as a child with my Folks) Honest!! Mum and Dad are going to Glasgow to see him next weekend.
5. I have a Diploma in Manicure and Pedicure which I did by Distance Learning!
6.I lived in London when I qualified as a Midwife. I worked in St Thomas Hospital in the private Maternity Suite with Fergie's Obstetrician!!! Can you believe it now I can hardly get out of Arbroath!!!!!
7. I am really a rock chick as yesterday I had to download Guns and Rose's new album Chinese Democracy in the morning as they rock, just used Jake wanting it as an excuse!!!
Hope these are ok facts. Here are the seven folk I have tagged.
Bye Hazel xox


Joey said...

thanks for the tag hunny.x

Cazz said...

Thank you hun. I have to find 7 intersting things (now that will be hard LOL). Think I will follow your lead instead x

CraftyC said...

Thanks very much for this Hazel, will have to get my thinking cap on!!

Lorraine A said...

Hi Hazel , thankyou for choosing me :-) i did try to do it yesterday , got half way through then guests arrived for dinner and i had to abandon it. i will start again now ,,,,,