Sunday 30 November 2008

Happy St Andrews Day.

Well is is a very frosty day here again, I am away to make 24 cards for Mum and Mum in Law, as they both ordered some more yesterday. So will be busy. MIL ones are all the same so will only take about an hour. My Mum likes fancy ones so have more to do for her!! Thank goodness I don't have any challenges to do today. Mind you they would be Christmassy ones for Mums list!!! Hee hee.
Going to make Steak Pie with wee potatoes, carrots and broccoli for tea. Hope you have a happy Sunday,
Love Hazel xox


Cazz said...

what time is dinner please (but no broccoli for me thank you xxx)

Have a good day x

Unknown said...

Sounds like you've had a busy day Hazel.
I have something for you over on my blog. Joanne x