Wednesday 10 September 2008

Butterflies and Honeysuckle.

My Mum in Law asked me to make 10 plain butterfly cards for notelets for her. So this morning I did them. They are from a kit I got from QVC with some pieces of card to matt and layer them. They are lovely as they are on vellum and look really nice. I gave her some transfers to put Just a Note on them if she wants to. Mojo back a bit but not in the mood to think about Christmas yet.
The other picture is of the honeysuckle which was in bloom a few months ago in my Grandads garden. It was lovely with all the bumble bees collecting pollen from it. I love the smell of it. Took this picture to show to Grandad as he was bed bound and couldn't get into the garden to see it.
Bye Hazel xo

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